We specialize in made-to-order fresh sushi rolls at reasonable prices. Our ideas were inspired from 12 years of work experience in the restaurant business as sushi chefs and servers and, of course, our own family recipes from our native country Japan. We like to be creative and fun and yet keep the Japanese sensibility for culinary art and technique.

We choose our ingredients very carefully. We have tried many kinds of short grain rice for our sushi rice and picked the best one. All other ingredients are also the best you can find! All of the fish is shipped from a Japanese wholesale seafood company and is always fresh and top quality.

Sushi is known as one of the fanciest foods today in America, and from this trailer we hope more people try Sushi rolls. Everyone can enjoy them as a healthy and delicious choice for a casual meal.

About our Trailer

The trailer itself is a brand new Magnum trailer customized for preparing sushi. It’s equipped with brand new customized cabinets, sinks and counter top work-space, commercial grade refrigerated prep-table, a powerful counter refrigerator, and chest-freezer. The powerful A/C system keeps the trailer at a comfortable temperature just like a large restaurant. All the way down to the trash can, everything in this trailer is brand new. It might just be the cleanest commercial kitchen in town!

In short, everything is the same as a Japanese restaurant’s sushi bar area, except its size. When you come to the trailer and order, you can watch as we make the sushi rolls for you. It’s just like when you are at the sushi bar watching the chefs make the sushi!