Thanksgiving Special Sushi Tray

$60 for 5 people, $45 for 2-3 people (tax included)
  • Tuna, Hamachi, Bincho Maguro, Salmon, BBQ Eel
    5 pcs ea. for $65 tray
    3 pcs ea. for $45 tray
  • 2 Traditional Rolls (Please choose from: Cucumber, Pickled radish, Natto, Kanpyo)
  • House Cured Mackerel Box Sushi
  • Krab Salad Roll (Not with $45 tray)
Place and time for pick up:
Sushi-A-Go-Go Medical Pkwy Location
4001 Medical Pkwy
  • Please pick up on Nov 25th, 1pm-3pm.
  • Please order by e-mail or by phone (512)-300-4111.
  • We’ll need your name, phone number, order item and quantity.
  • We also require a deposit of $20 for 5-person tray, $15 for 2-3 person tray. (Please pay the deposit at one of our locations.)
Cancellation must be made by Nov 22nd, or your deposit cannot be refunded.