Friday, July 3rd, 2009

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 Medical Pkwy (512)-560-1655

Barton Springs Rd (512)-423-7170


Shu-mai (Shrimp dumplings) 2.95

Vegetable Croquette(Fried potato cake)  1.50

Edamame 1.20

Seaweed Salad 3.50

Miso soup 1.50~

<Sushi Rolls>

Trio roll 6.50

Salmon, Yellow tail, Tuna

Tuna Avocado roll 5.50

Tuna, Avocado

Sunshine roll 6.00

Fresh salmon, Mango, Avocado

Krab salad roll 4.25

House made Krab salad, Avocado

Fat Samurai roll 12.00

Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Krab salad, Shrimp,

Avocado, cucumber (big 5pcs)

Dynamite roll 5.50

Chunked Tuna w/original spicy sauce, Avocado

Crunchy Dynamite roll  5.50

Tempra Crunchy, spicy tuna mix, Avocado

Krab salad roll 4.50*

Krab salad, Avocado

Crunchy krab Salad roll 4.50*

Tempra crunchy, krab salad, Avocado

Spicy Shrimp krab roll 5.00*

Cooked Shrimp, Spicy krab salad, Avocado,

Go-Go sauce on the top

B.B.Q. Eel roll 4.50*

B.B.Q.Eel, Avocado, Cucumber, Eel sauce on the top

Superfly roll 6.50*

Salmon skin roll with B.B.Q. Eel, Eel sauce & Go-Go sauce on the top

Salmon Skin roll 6.00*

Baked salmon skin, Cucumber, Burdock root, scallion, Masago, Eel sauce on the top

Rock’n  roll 6.50*

Tempra Shrimp, Carrot, Avocado, Sprout, Eel sauce on the top(big 5pcs)

Rock’n Special roll 8.00*

Tempra shrimp, B.B.Q. Eel, Cream cheese, Avocado (big 5pcs)

Go-Go roll 5.50*

B.B.Q. Eel, Cream Cheese, Avocado

Swamp roll 5.50*

Spicy Tabasco Crawfish, Pickled Okura

Manor roll 5.50*

Tempra Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Asparagus

Philly roll 6.00*

Smoked salmon, Cream cheese, Avocado

Texan roll 6.50*

Grilled Steak, Candied


Green Leaf Lettuce, Carrot, Sprout,

Avocado (big 5pcs),Green Texas sauce on the top

Texas Surf & Turf roll 7.50*

Grilled Steak, Shrimp Tempra, Avocado, G. Lettuce, Candied Jalapeno, Eel sauce, Cilantro

Green Texas sauce on the top

Longhorn roll 5.50*

Grilled steak, Cream cheese, Avocado, Green Texas sauce on the top

Summer time roll 6.50*

Shrimp tempura, Spicy tuna mix, Avocado, Spicy go-go sauce& tempura crunchy on the top


Vegetarian Rolls

Asparagus roll 3.50


Mango &Avocado roll 3.50

Mango, Avocado

Fat Cucumber roll  3.50


Vegetable roll  5.00

Asparagus, Carrot, Cucumber, Sprout, Avocado, Green leaf Lettuce wrapped in Soy Paper

Inari Sushi (3pcs) 4.00

Sushi rice in Bean curd pockets

Kanpyo roll  3.50

Sweetened dried squash

Plum-cucumber roll  4.00

Plum paste, cucumber

Natto roll  4.00

Fermented soybeans


Go-go original!! Box Sushi(6pcs)

(All Box sushi come with original house crab salad mix in the middle of sushi rice.)

Salmon-$10 Tuna-$12 Shrimp-$10 B.B.Q. Eel- $10



“Please call for today’s specials!”




Bottles Water  1.00

Iced green tea 1.50

Ramune (Japanese soda) 1.85

Hot tea                          1.50

Fresh Kohana Coffee           1.50


Mochi-ice cream 1.50

3 for $4

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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